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Weekend tickets

Weekend tickets for ProgPower Europe 2016 will cost € 80,- in advance and can be ordered right away (see below). They cost € 90,- at the entrance.

Day tickets

For Friday September 30, 2016, will cost € 25,- in advance, € 28,- at the entrance (when available).

For Saturday October 1 and Sunday October 2, 2016, will cost € 34,- in advance, € 37,50 at the entrance (when available).

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Click on a date (30 Sep, 1 Oct or 2 Oct) and start the order proces. If you don’t succeed get in touch with us. Keep in mind that tickets are non-refundable, these are the rules of our partner Ticketscript (https://company.ticketscript.com/uk/support/ticket-buyers/).