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Animo Tempo

Anima Tempo

Anima Tempo

On stage | Saturday 5 October | 15.00 - 16.00 hrs

"Anima Tempo succeeded to avoid a prejudical approach the majority of bands of the similar genre orientation have implied in their music. The Mexican and international scenes are certainly stronger by having another band under its wings."

- ProgArchy -

Bandlogo Anima Tempo | ProgPower Europe 2019
Bandphoto 01 Anima Tempo | ProgPower Europe 2019

Band info

Anima Tempo, was born in 2009, after long-time friends Dante Granados (guitars, synths), Gian Granados (vocals, guitars), and Pedro Vera (bass) decided to form a band where they will pour out all their creativity. After two demo records, in January 2016 Anima Tempo released their full-length debut titled “Caged In Memories.” Consisting of seven songs, the album represents the group’s take on the progressive metal genre, completed with elements from death metal, symphonic music and djent.


Gian Granados: Voz y guitarra/Voice and guitar
Dante Granados: Guitarra Líder/Lead guitar/Synths
Antonio Guerrero: Batería/Drums
Daniel González Villalobos: Growls / Guitar
Pável Vanegas: Bass

Bandphoto 02 Animo Tempo

"It’s always a pleasure to welcome something very spicy and tasteful to keep my body warm during the cold nights up here in Scandinavia – like this burning hot, authentic chili con carne of metal served directly from the core of Mexico City."

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Anima Tempo | ProgPower Europe 2019

Anima Tempo – Art of Deception (live)

Anima Tempo – Confessions

Anima Tempo – Primal Symmetry


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