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On stage | Sunday 2 October | 16.30 - 17.30 hrs

"The hypnotic vocals of Christian Ayala establish a new standard in the genre as well. I guarantee any fan of Progressive Metal will find this as fresh and exciting as I did. Marvelous!"

- Metal Temple -

Bandlogo Avandra - ProgPower Europe 2020
Bandphoto Avandra | ProgPower Europe 2020

Band info

Having started as a one man project, by Christian Ayala, Avandra is a Puerto Rican progressive metal band borne of hurricane fueled strife to become one of the scenes breakout acts. After releasing their first record, Tymora high demand left Ayala feeling obligated to bring his work to the stage. Soon after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, and alone in the dark, Christian wrote most of the second record, released in April 2019. The third album was released in 2020 and a new album will see daylight at PP Europe 2022.


Christian Ayala: Guitars/Vocals
Adrián Arroyo: Guitars
Gabriel Alejandro Rodriguez: Basss
Adrián Arroyo: Drums

Bandphoto Avandra | ProgPower Europe 2020

"Avandra have delivered a personal, well thought, highly impressive, technical venture, which is sure to generate a buzz in the prog metal scene right now and with the amount of contenders on that hill that is not something to say lightly."

- Noizze -



Avandra - "Descender" [Full Album - 2019]

Avandra – “Descender”

Avandra - Ubiquitous

Avandra – Ubiquitous

Avandra - "Derelict Minds (feat. Kevin Moore)" [Lyric Video - "Descender" - 2019]

Avandra – “Derelict Minds”


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