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Feather Mountain

Feather Mountain


On stage | Saturday 1 October | 16.30 - 17.30 hrs

"You will be impressed with the awesome songs, you will be impressed with the awesome playing, but most importantly, you will be impressed with Feather Mountain."

- Pete's Rock News and Views -

Logo Feather Mountain | ProgPower Europe 2020
Bandteaser Feather Mountain, ProgPower Europe 2022

Band info

Feather Mountain was founded in 2017 and consists of members who share a friendship based on a mutual love for the art of prog rock and metal influenced music. On the debut album “Nidus”, the Danish band dig deep into the universe of progressive rock, pushing the genre forward through beautiful, yet brutal, vocal arrangements and technical ingenuity, which combine into a unique expression of bliss and frustration. The band has no fear of sounding too soft or too hard. The band feels an urge to integrate vulnerability as well as viciousness in the musical interpretation of hope, hopelessness, aggression and redemption.


Mikkel Lohman: vocal
Jens Baalkilde Andersen: guitar
Oliver Ramstedt: guitar
Andreas Dahl-Blumenberg: bass
Christian Dahl-Blumenberg: drums

Bandimage Feather Mountain | ProgPower Europe 2020

"Feather Mountain is a progressive metal band from Denmark. Their new album “Nidus” also released back in September, and so that month seems to be where I started losing some ground on new releases. Anyways, the band has some edge to them, and they fall into the alternative side of metal fairly often. In fact, they really incorporate that post-grunge sound quite a bit, which is not a problem for me. You’ll also hear some quiet musing interludes and that sort of thing. “Nidus” is a thoughtful album, one that I need to give more attention moving forward."

- The Progmind -



FEATHER MOUONTAIN - Nidus (full album) | ProgPower Europe 2020

FEATHER MOUONTAIN – Nidus (full album)

FEATHER MOUNTAIN - Guilt Of The Absent part 2 | ProgPower Europe 2020

FEATHER MOUNTAIN – Guilt Of The Absent part 2

Feather Mountain - In Passing | ProgPower Europe 2020



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