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On stage | Sunday 4 October | 16.30 - 17.30 hrs

"I really enjoyed this album, it was a little different to what I expected to hear but evoked some delightful atmospheres, with smart lyrics, sensitive melodies, accomplished musicianship and well-crafted tunes."

- Maximum Volume -

Bandlogo Godsticks | ProgPower Europe 2020
Bandphoto Godsticks | ProgPower Europe 2020

Band info

Godsticks are a four-piece progressive heavy rock band from South Wales. Having toured extensively throughout Europe with The Aristocrats and The Pineapple Thief, they’ve developed into an explosive, high energy live act performing heavy yet melodic progressive rock. Drummer Tom Price and guitarist Gavin Bushell bring an accomplished and aggressive playing style to back up Darran Charles’ unique vocal sound and Dan Nelson’s driving bass. Their fifth full length studio album ‘Inescapable’ was recently released.


Darran Charles: Guitars, Vocals, Keys
Dan Nelson: Bass
Gavin Bushell: Guitar
Tom Price: Drums

Bandphoto Godsticks | ProgPower Europe 2020

"This is another superb album from some very talented and creative instrumentalists, so if you like you rock heavy, proggy and metallic sounds then look no further. One word of advice: listen to this more than once before you decide or you will miss the nuances that each instrument brings to every song."

- Ramzine -



Godsticks - Hard to Face (from Faced with Rage) | ProgPower Europe 2020

Godsticks – Hard to Face (from Faced with Rage)

Godsticks - Surrender (from Inescapable) | ProgPower Europe 2020

Godsticks – Surrender (from Inescapable)

Godsticks - Denigrate (from Inescapable) | ProgPower Europe 2020

Godsticks – Denigrate (from Inescapable)


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