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On stage | Sunday 6 October | 16.30 - 17.30 hrs

"What's cool about this band is it's something a little different and far removed of the many Dream Theater clones of the world."

- Record Heaven -

Bandlogo Kong | ProgPower Europe 2019
Bandphoto 1 Kong | ProgPower Europe 2019

Band info

KONG follows its own path, as it has done for almost 25 years now. Several changes in line-up and a seven-year breather, after which the much acclaimed album “What It Seems Is What You Get” (2009) was released, did not detract from KONG’s musical singularity. Like a miraculous mathematical formula in which varying numbers surprisingly lead to the very same outcome. 


Tijs Keverkamp: guitar
David Kox: guitar
Mark Drillich: bass
Oscar Alblas: drums

Bandphoto 2 Kong | ProgPower Europe 2019

"One can't even begin to describe the style which KONG is playing, because it doesn't exist yet, they invented it. It's labeled here as progressive metal but that's a bit rough, try adding some industrial/techno sounds with hypnotic psychedelic rock. And not the old boring Pink Floyd psychedelic, I'm talking Ozric Tentacles psychedelic here. "

- Metallum ecyclopedia -



Video image Kong | ProgPower Europe 2019

Kong – LumberHome (live)

Video image Kong | ProgPower Europe 2019

Kong – Fool’s Engine

Video image Kong | ProgPower Europe 2019

Kong – Stern (full album)


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