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Lost In Thought

Lost In Thought

Lost In Thought

On stage | Sunday 6 October | 13.30 - 14.30 hrs

"A powerful effort that pulls from the best of modern progressive musical cosmos, I hope they take less to deliver a follow-up."

- Sonic Perspective -

Bandlogo Lost In Thought
Bandphoto 1 Lost In Thought | ProgPower Europe 2019

Band info

In 2011, after teaming up with Intromental Management, Lost In Thought released their debut album “Opus Arise” with Inner Wound Recordings. On the day of it’s release, April 29th 2011, Lost In Thought set off on their first European tour supporting Delain with Serenity.  In 2016, Lost In Thought reformed and over the course of two years the new line up was completed. The band then began recording their second album at David’s studio, Alarch Studios in their home town of Swansea. With “Renascence” now released, Lost In Thought look forward to returning to the stage once again throughout 2019 and beyond.


Deane Lazenby: Vocals
David Grey: Guitar
Diego Zapatero: Keyboards
Josh Heard: Bass
Chris Billingham: Drums

Bandphoto 2 Lost In Thought | ProgPower Europe 2019

"This is a bonafide prog-metal masterpiece. Everything is there – the smoothly-oiled engine room (bass and drums are absolutely on fire), the sky vocals, the anthemic riffs, the incredible lead playing, the ethereal keys. Time after time, track after track, they continue to nail down Prog Metal 101"

- Power of metal webzine -



Lost In Thought - Blood Red Diamond

Lost In Thought – Blood Red Diamond

Lost In Thought - Safe Me

Lost In Thought – Safe Me

Lost In Thought - A New Life

Lost In Thought – A New Life


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