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On stage | Saturday 5 October | 20.05 - 21.20 hrs

"All in all Pesefone basically came, saw and totally blew the place away, leaving the audience on an absolute high. "

- Background magazine -

Bandlogo Persefone | ProgPower Europe 2019
Bandphoto Persefone | ProgPower Europe 2019

Band info

Hailing from Andorra, PERSEFONE has put a spot in the European map where to find top-notch progressive death metal. On April 2017, the band embarked on their first headliner tour around Europe, playing in Spain, France, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy and Sweden. An absolute success that would put a lot of energy in the band to continue working.


Marc Martins: Vocals
Carlos Lozano: Guitars
Miguel Espinosa: Keyboards& vocals.
Filipe Baldaia: Guitars
Toni Mestre: Bass
Sergi “Bobby” Verdeguer: Drums

Live photo Persefone | ProgPower Europe 2019

"There is a renewed energy about this band that is refreshing, even after all they have already accomplished. Here comes the new standard of progressive death metal. Inhale, exhale, listen, enjoy."

- Metalstorm webzine -



Persefone – Aathma (full album)

Persefone – Living Waves – Live @ Wacken 2018

Persefone – The Majestic of Gaia


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