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On stage | Sunday 6 October | 20.05 - 21.20 hrs

"Any record that can deliver such satisfyingly crunchy heavy metal and blend it with great melodies and symphonics without it sounding overblown or cheesy has to receive high praise. "

- Man of much metal -

Bandlogo Teramaze | ProgPower Europe 2019
Bandphoto 1 Teramaze | ProgPower Europe 2019

Band info

Teramaze sound is assembled within the framework of the songwriting. Regardless of that focus, there is certainly a lot more than simply a faint slither of technicality due to the intricate musical bravado brushing up against the melodies, tunefully brandishing a smoothly executed soundscape while retaining the shee


Dean Wells: Guitars / vocals
Brett Rerekura:  Vocals
Jon Beckx:  Guitar
Jonah Weingarten:  keys
Andrew Cameron: Bass
Nick Ross: drums

Bandphoto 2 Teramaze | ProgPower Europe 2019

"Teramaze bring only what can be described as an utterly unique sense of style to the world of metal. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the band's blend of progressive, melodic and thrash metal has attracted an underground following within local bars and small venues. In terms of style, Teramaze say that they're influenced primarily by bands such as Dream Theater, Tool and Pantera."

- Power of metal webzine -



Video image Teramaze | ProgPower Europe 2019

Teramaze – Anhedonia

Video image Teramaze | ProgPower Europe 2019

Teramaze – Out Of Subconscious

Video image Teramaze - ProgPower Europe 2019

Teramaze – Her Halo


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