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On stage | Friday 4 October | 19.45 - 21.15 hrs

"Expectations of Voyager are always high because of previous triumphs but again left short by an album which will take some shifting from being one major contender for this year’s greatest moment."

- The Ringmaster -

Bandlogo Voyager | ProgPower Europe 2019
Bandphoto 1 Voyager | ProgPower Europe 2019

Band info

From the new-romantic croon of Danny Estrin’s vocals and his 80’s keytar solos, to the technical yet melodic chops of Simone Dow and Scott Kay’s fretwork, to the groove of Alex Canion’s bass and to the bombastic beats of Ash Doodkorte’s frenetic drumming, Voyager are a pop/prog/power/rock/metal force to be reckoned with.


Daniel Estrin: vocals, keys
Simone Dow: guitars
Scott Kay: guitars
Ashley Doodkorte: drums
Alex Canion: bass, vocals

Bandphoto 3 Voyager | ProgPower Europe 2019

"Swirling and driving rhythms, crunching & harmonising guitar work and an impressive vocalist make these guys a must watch for anyone thinking of just coming for the main event. A slight deviation into a metalled-up version of East 17’s ‘It’s Alright’ was fun."

- The Rockpit -



Videoclip Voyager - Brightstar

Voyager – Brightstar

Videoclip Voyager - Ascension

Voyager – Ascension

Videoclip Voyager - Hyperventilating

Voyager – Hyperventilating


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