From Norway, we have booked a band that hardly plays live gigs, MANES.

Manes is a band from Trondheim, Norway, formed in 1993. They started out as a two-piece band composed of Sargatanas and Cernunnus (or Cern). They have been signed to Candlelight Records, Hammerheart Records and the Italian experimental label Code666. The band’s earlier works, up to and including Under Ein Blodraud Maane (1999), were somewhat atypical Norwegian black metal and were highly lauded by fans of the genre. However, as of Vilosophe (2003) and How the World Came to an End (2007) the band completely changed its sound to a hybrid of jazz, trip hop, electronica and metal with clean sung vocals and many progressive overtones. In spite of being highly acclaimed by critics this subsequent change of direction alienated most of their original fan base.[citation needed]

In 2011, the band released an official statement on their web site that they were calling it quits due to health and family reasons. They resurfaced 2 years later in 2013 and following year, 2014, released their fourth album, Be All End All, as well as an LP re-release of the debut Under Ein Blodraud Maane and compilation album of obscurities and rare material called Teeth, Toes and other trinkets. In 2018, Manes announced their comeback with a new album, Slow Motion Death Sequence.[

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