Bandphoto Voyager | ProgPower Europe

Second headliner VOYAGER (aus) confirmed

Second headliner: VOYAGER

Bandphoto Voyager | ProgPower Europe

Proudly presenting our second headliner, VOYAGER from Australia. The band already played twice at PP Europe. In 2014 they also headlined the event as a replacement for PAGAN’S MIND. Now they will be back as headliner again, with a show of at least 90 minutes. If you missed them before, don’t miss them this time, VOYAGER are one of the best live bands we had on stage, it will be FUN!

Tesseract @PP Europe 2017 | ProgPower Europe

First headliner TESSERACT (uk) confirmed

First headliner: TESSERACT (uk)

There are albums to listen to and bands to watch perform but only an elite few musical collectives manifest creative work that must be experienced. Ascending to the forefront of the progressive hard rock and metal community through creative fearlessness and determination, TesseracT invite listeners on an expansive, esoteric, and atmospheric journey, constructing unique and immersive worlds within their music, all of it drenched in swirling layers of sound, distinctive melodies, and unapologetic experimentation.

Flyer Tesseract for PP Europe 2017 | ProgPower Europe 2017What TesseracT has achieved with Polaris, released by their new UK label home Kscope, is nothing short of total liberation in an otherwise rigid genre. Many progressive metal bands will claim creative independence but in fact adhere to the same “rules” as anyone else. Much the way Tool, Deftones, and Radiohead created signature atmospheric fingerprints while reinvigorating their sound with each new album’s broadened horizons, TesseracT’s evolution is one of perpetual motion. The journey is itself the destination and the albums are the vehicles.

TesseracT has arrived at the highly coveted destination of true creative freedom through bold artistic risk-taking, which has resulted in a loyal audience who are not only comfortable with being challenged by each successive release, but demand to be. A new TesseracT recording is a gift to unwrap, a puzzle to solve, an adventure that beckons.


Early bird weekend tickets available

Early bird weekend tickets | ProgPower EuropeEarly bird weekend tickets

Early bird weekend tickets are now available, but only for 1 month! Be sure to order your ticket(s) before January 1, 2017. You will safe € 10,- to spend on beer/food/merchandise.

Early bird weekend tickets cost € 77,50 and will give you access to the festival for 3 full days. The pre-party will be free entrance for at least everyone with a weekend ticket.

Order your ticket(s) now

Bandphoto Brutai | ProgPower Europe

BRUTAI (uk) confirmed for PP 2017

BRUTAI (uk) confirmed for PP 2017

BRUTAI are bringing harsh realities to the forefront of Modern Metal with their outstanding debut album ‘Born’.

A harmonious blend of modern, progressive and memorable music, this is the debut album their fans have been waiting for.

BRUTAI have already begun to plant the seed to their success and have just signed to Transcend Music.

2016 has seen the band go from strength to strength since the release of their catchy comeback single, ‘Deep’. After having been listed as Metalsucks’ ‘Unsigned and Unholy’, Scuzz putting them on the main playlist and continuous support from the likes of Metal Hammer, Kerrang radio/TV, Planet Rock Radio and more- the band went on to demonstrate that they could take what they’ve built in the studio – direct to the stage.

BRUTAI have shared the stage this year with the likes of Soilwork, The Butcher Babies, Textures, have graced the Sophie Stage at Bloodstock alongside a masterful line-up inclusive of Gojira, Slayer and Mastodon- and will be touring with Devil You Know in January 2016.

Mixed and Mastered by Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Fightstar, Machine Head, Bullet For My Valentine)- ‘Born’ is a collection of honest, modern, and relevant songs that will connect with the hard rock and metal community.
A soundscape of melodious, heavy, emotion driven riffs against technical drum patterns, subliminally unavoidable pop-influenced vocal melodies and panoramic synths and keys- Brutai are defying expectations and are delivering something fresh which will inevitably contribute towards further success.

Now is the time for BRUTAI to sew their seeds and to give birth to a new wave of Modern Metal.

Plant this album in your minds. Let it grow.

BRUTAI‘Born’ Out November 25th 2016 (worldwide)

  • 6h33 @PP Europe 2016 | ProgPower Europe
  • Atmospheres @PP Europe 2016 | ProgPower Europe
  • Chaos Divine @PP Europe 2016 | ProgPower Europe
  • Distorted Harmony @PP Europe 2016 | ProgPower Europe
  • In Mourning @PP Europe 2016 | ProgPower Europe
  • Jolly @PP Europe 2016 | ProgPower Europe
  • Klone @PP Europe 2016 | ProgPower Europe
  • Sadist @PP Europe 2016 | ProgPower Europe
  • Textures @PP Europe 2016 | ProgPower Europe
  • Threshold @PP Europe 2016 | ProgPower Europe
  • Wolverine @PP Europe 2016 | ProgPower Europe
  • Smallman @PP Europe 2016 | ProgPower Europe

Foto report by Artrock magazine Sweden

Fotoreport by Artrock magazine Sweden

Conny Myrberg, one of our regular visitors, is a great photographer working for Swedish Artrock magazine. Since a couple of years, Conny is a regular visitor of our festival. He has visited the 2016 edition of ProgPower Europe. Below you see a few wonderful photos he made, be sure to check out the website to see many more photos by Conny.


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Nominated for best indoor festival!

For the third time in a row, ProgPower Europe has been nominated for The European Festival Awards in the category: Best indoor festival! We are very proud to be part of these awards.

If you agree that the award for best indoor festival should go to ProgPower Europe: Please vote to make sure we make it to the shortlist!

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