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ProgPower Europe 2022 Newsteaser Green Carnation, ProgPower Europe 2022

5th band: Green Carnation

Back on stage at ProgPower Europe, GREEN CARNATION from Norway.

ProgPower Europe 2022 Newsteaser Feather Mountain @ProgPower Europe 2022

4th band: Feather Mountain

Our 4th band also was already booked for the cancelled editions of 2020 and 2021, FEATHER MOUNTAIN from Denmark.

ProgPower Europe 2022 Newsteaser Meer, PP Europe 2022

3rd band: MEER

From Norway As 3rd band we present you MEER, an eight-piece alternative pop orchestra from Hedmark, Norway.

ProgPower Europe 2022 Newsteaser Avandra

2nd band: AVANDRA

The second band announced for ProgPower Europe 2022: AVANDRA, the first band ever on stage at PP from Puerto Rico!

ProgPower Europe 2022 Newsteaser Mother Of Millions


The first band announced for ProgPower Europe 2022: MOTHER OF MILLIONS from Athens, Greece! So far the band has produced 3 albums, an EP...

ProgPower Europe 2022 Newsteaser restarting work for ProgPower Europe 2022

Preperations PP Europe 2022 started

It’s been a while since you have heard from us. We have to admit that due to Covid19, we lost some inspiration. And...


ProgPower Europe is the unique annual progressive rock/metal festival, since 1999. The festival is not only known for the music, but also for its unique atmosphere and great afterparties. It's no surprise that ProgPower Europe has many regular visitors who celebrate progressive rock/metal in Baarlo every year. Join the ProgPower family!


  • Weekend tickets available now
  • Day tickets available early June 2021


  • Orders for 3 and 4 nights possible now
  • Orders for 2 nights from 1 August 2021 (when available)



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