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Free donation

Free donation

Support us an make a free donation. All your financial help is more than welcome to keep ProgPower Europe going on in the future.

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Donation to support us

We run ProgPower Europe without any big sponsoring, financially we take all the risk ourselves. We had some though years and are proud ProgPower Europe is still going on.

To keep the festival alive, we can always use some financial support. Especially because costs to keep this running are getting bigger every year. To support us you can make a non-binding donation. All your support is more than welcome. Click the button to make a donation (using a credit-card or PayPal account). Thank you all for your support.


ProgPower Europe is the unique annual progressive rock/metal festival, since 1999. The festival is not only known for the music, but also for its unique atmosphere and great afterparties. It's no surprise that ProgPower Europe has many regular visitors who celebrate progressive rock/metal in Baarlo every year. Join the ProgPower family!


  • Weekend tickets available now
  • Day tickets available early June 2021


  • Orders for 3 and 4 nights possible now
  • Orders for 2 nights from 1 August 2021 (when available)



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