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Kasteel De Berckt, ‘The Castle’

Kasteel de Berckt

Kasteel de Berckt

Enjoy a wonderful weekend with many other visitors and most of the bands.

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About Kasteel de Berckt

As soon as you pass through the gate onto the estate, you feel a surprising sense of getting away from it all. Kasteel de Berckt, ‘The Castle,  has several different departments, with a couple of bedrooms and a relax rooms for everyone. The friendly and flexible staff make your stay even more enjoyable.

The centuries-old castle called ‘De Berckt’ is in a charming location alongside the river ‘Meuse’. The property has an attractive courtyard and is surrounded by a moat and extensive grounds. Enjoy the tranquility of earlier times.

De Berckt Castle came second in the Zoover Awards 2015 for best accommodation in the Castle category.

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