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Thank you for your room order at Castle de Berckt

Thank you

Thank you for your room order

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Thank you

We would like to thank you for your room order for Kasteel de Berckt, ‘The Castle’, during ProgPower Europe 2022. We will send you the payment details within the next 7 days. If you do not hear from us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

As soon as we have received your payment, the room order is guaranteed. However, most likely we will not send you the final room details until september 2022.

As for cancellations, we will pay back 100% of the payment if you will cancel your order before 1 June 2022, and 50% if you will cancel before 1 July 2022. Cancelling your order in August 2022 or later is too late for us to give you a refund.

Once again thank you for the order, just wait for the payment details and further information.

Photo 8 Kasteel de Berckt | ProgPower Europe


ProgPower Europe is the unique annual progressive rock/metal festival, since 1999. The festival is not only known for the music, but also for its unique atmosphere and great afterparties. It's no surprise that ProgPower Europe has many regular visitors who celebrate progressive rock/metal in Baarlo every year. Join the ProgPower family!


  • Weekend tickets available now
  • Day tickets available early June 2021


  • Orders for 3 and 4 nights possible now
  • Orders for 2 nights from 1 August 2021 (when available)



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