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ProgPower2018 Header photo VV Baarlo MO17-1, a girls soccer team we sponsor | ProgPower Europe

Sponsoring girls soccer team

In cooperation with Kasteel de Berckt, ‘The Castle’, we sponsor the girls team under 17 of local soccer club VV Baarlo

-- Bands -- Bandimage Feather Mountain | ProgPower Europe 2020

Ninth band 2020: FEATHER MOUNTAIN

We always try to book some interesteding newcomers in the scene. That’s what we did now again, FEATHER MOUNTAIN from Denmark.

-- Bands -- Featured bandphoto The Dear Hunter | ProgPower Europe 2020

Eighth band 2020: The Dear Hunter

Headliner for Saturday evening 3 October, from the USA, The Dear Hunter.

-- Bands -- Featured bandphoto Manes | ProgPower Europe 2020

Seventh band 2020: Manes

From Norway, we have booked a band that hardly plays live gigs, MANES.

ProgPower Europe 2020 Featured bandphoto Wilderun | ProgPower Europe 2020

Sixth band 2020: Wilderun

From the USA, we present you one of the most promising progmetal bands for the future, Wilderun.

-- Bands -- Featured bandphoto Obsidian Tide | ProgPower Europe 2020

Fifth band 2020: Obsidian Tide

We have booked Obsidian Tide from Israel, a band with an eclectic and unique sound.

-- Bands -- Featured bandphoto Mother Of Millions - ProgPower Europe 2020

Fourth band 2020: Mother Of Millions

From Greece we present you Mother Of Millions:

ProgPower Europe 2019 Featured image European Festival Awards | ProgPower Europe 2019

Nominated for best indoor festival

We have been nominated for Best Indoor Festival 2019 at the European Festival awards.


ProgPower Europe is the unique annual progressive rock/metal festival, since 1999. The festival is not only known for the music, but also for its unique atmosphere and great afterparties. It's no surprise that ProgPower Europe has many regular visitors who celebrate progressive rock/metal in Baarlo every year. Join the ProgPower family!


  • Weekend tickets available from 1 November 2019
  • Day tickets available from 14 August 2020


  • Orders for 3 and 4 nights from 1 November 2019
  • Orders for 2 nights from 14 August 2020 (when available)



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