PP Europe history

History of ProgPower Europe

Our history goes back to 1999, as we started the festival for the love of progressive rock/metal. There was no festival dedicated to this underrated music genre, reason for us to start an event to promote the scene. Since the beginning our concept is to book a few known bands, but especially give unknown talents a chance to show what they have to offer. In the entire history we have never changed this concept and we will not change it in the near future.

Bands from the past

Check out all the bands that have played PP Europe before. It’s quite an impressive list we think.

Storytelling by our visitors

We have asked a couple of our visitors to write their experience after visiting ProgPower Europe. Check it out and you will see what ProgPower Europe is all about.

Flashbacks to previous editions

Right now we are working on an archive of all the previous editions with reviews, interviews, photos, reactions, etc. We already worked out a few years, these pages will go online soon. Unfortunately it takes a lot of time and PP is not our daytime job.

If you do have some photos, reviews, or anything else about one of the previous editions of ProgPower Europe and you want us to add it to our website, feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do.