We have been silent for the last couple of weeks. But we look forward to the future now and we are quite positive ProgPower Europe 2020 will go on.

At the moment all events in The Netherlands are cancelled until September 1. We are all challenging the coronavirus and slowly we make some progress in the world. If this continues the next couple of months, we are convinced (smaller) events will be possible in The Netherlands. And because ProgPower Europe is an event with less than 1.000 visitors, we are quite optimistic ProgPower Europe 2020 will go on.

Therefore we restart all preperations, as this year is gonna be a very special event now.

For now be sure to order your tickets and book a room at Kasteel de Berckt. We all need a weekend of ProgPower Europe this year, don’t you think?

ProgPower Europe 2020