From Puerto Rico we present you the first band for ProgPower Europe 2020, AVANDRA

Having started as a one man project, by Christian Ayala, Avandra is a Puerto Rican progressive metal band borne of hurricane fueled strife to become one of the scenes breakout acts. After releasing their first record, Tymora high demand left Ayala feeling obligated to bring his work to the stage. Soon after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, and alone in the dark, Christian wrote most of the second record. Having gained international acclaim, one fan, Nelson Varas, an award winning metal culture film director, ended up writing to Blood Music about the band. Suddenly they had a deal. 2018 was a whirlwind for Avandra recording their new album in Survivalism Studios, Puerto Rico, then mixing it with Daniel Schwartz of Astronoid, and finally then mastering with the legendary Magnus Lindberg. Featuring guest spots from current and former members of Haken, Dream Theater and Astronoid, the band unleashed their second album, Descender, in April of 2019.

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