From the USA, we present you one of the most promising progmetal bands for the future, Wilderun.

With overwhelming reviews on their latest album we are really proud to see Wilderun on stage @ ProgPower Europe 2020. if you haven’t heard the album, you better do. Sonic Perspectives says: “There is no praise too high for this ambitious and visionary work of art; it has accomplished in seventy minutes what many artists fail to accomplish in the entirety of their careers. “Veil of Imagination” delivers an otherworldly experience that combines the strengths of dynamic orchestration with the stylistic bite of unspeakably adept progressive metal. Wilderun has brought an unspoken dream into our world, and it has such an astounding beauty that some may consider it just short of terrifying. But when the time comes to listen, in all of its overwhelming splendor, it seems that one will find themselves surrendering to its magic not just willingly, but gratefully.”

And this is just one exemple of all the amazing positive reviews. So chock it out and be sure to order your tickets, on stage at ProgPower Europe 2020 for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

ProgPower Europe 2020