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On stage | Sunday 4 October | 20.00 - 21.15 hrs

"Listeners will find their favorite elements of the genre performed with exceptional quality, while also discovering a wholly unique manner in which to assemble and pair them alongside related musical styles."

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Logo Wilderun | ProgPower Europe 2020
Bandphoto Wilderun | ProgPower Europe 2020

Band info

Wilderun is based out of Massachusetts USA, playing variations on metal, prog, folk and orchestral music. In the fall of 2012, Wilderun released their debut full-length “Olden Tales & Deathly Trails”, followed up by “Sleep at the Edge of the Earth” in 2015. Their 3rd full length album “Veil of Imagination” was released on November 1, 2019. A band you should not miss! Aardschok, the biggest rock & metal magazine in The Netherlands said: “Wilderun could be the biggest surprise of ProgPower Europe 2020”.


Evan Anderson Berry: Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Dan Müller: Bass, Synths, Orchestrations
Jon Teachey: Drums
Joe Gettler: Lead Guitar
Wayne Ingram: Orchestrations

Bandphoto Wilderun | ProgPower Europe 2020

"This is the kind of album that will resonate with you long after its last tone has gone silent. WILDERUN show how songs that are truly progressive and full of emotion at the same time are supposed to be written. The music is composed, performed and arranged with great skill and taste; mixed by the one and only Dan Swano himself it sounds spectacular. This album is glorious."

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WILDERUN - O Resolution! | ProgPower Europe 2020

WILDERUN – O Resolution!

WILDERUN - The Tyranny of Imagination | ProgPower Europe 2020

WILDERUN – The Tyranny of Imagination

WILDERUN - Far from Where Dreams Unfurl | ProgPower Europe 2020

WILDERUN – Far from Where Dreams Unfurl


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